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Wholesale Booch

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Kombucha cans in grass
Morning Light Kombucha tap handles
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Small BUsinesses

Let us provide you with kombucha for your next event! We offer kegerator and jockey box rentals as well as cans for birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and more! Kombucha is a great choice for kids and those abstaining from alcohol. It also makes great cocktails!

Kombucha is a mood and immune system booster, that's why we think kombucha on tap would be a great fit in any office setting! The kegerators are compact and we have weekly delivery options to keep booch flowing and office staff healthy and productive! Our cans are also a great grab and go option!

Create repeat business by offering kombucha on tap at your small business or grocery store! Having a kegerator on site makes your location a hotspot for kombucha lovers! Kegged kombucha offers high profit margins, generates less waste by offering refills and your customers will love you for it! For those of you limited on space our cans are a perfect choice! With four signature #farmtobottle flavors, your customers will love that you are not only supporting local but supporting their gut health as well!



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